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sum41_icons's Journal

Sum41 Icons
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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to sum41_icons, a community focused on those wonderful guys from Sum 41. If you're looking for a community to show off your icons, banners, pictures or any other sort of graphic, then you've fround the right place.

Enjoy your stay...

The rules are pretty simply...
-You piss someone off, you start fights, you insult others' opinions, you make fun of others... banned from the community.
-Advertising communities that don't relate to this community what so ever, the post is deleted and your banned from the community.
-Please don't post about your day or how your boyfriend broke up with you over MSN and you just don't know what to do... we're not interested, there's other communities for that.
-Make sure to advertise the community, new members are always welcomed.

Copy and paste the html in the boxes provided to advertise the community on your website or userinfo. It's greatly appreciated.

banner made by overplaydkisses

banner made by whibley_wobble

banner made by whibley_wobble